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Totally dedicated to exploring issues affecting the quality of digital audio and video signals. We’re here to help people recognize the not-so-obvious facts of digital audio and video.

Digital Amplifiers – What is a digital amp? Why would you want one? How — do they sound better? What does pure digital mean? Is there a difference between pure and not pure — or is the question purely academic? Get information about the new sonically advanced digital technology that’s changing the Universe now.

Digital Compression – PCM, AAC, SHN, MP3, WMF, RA — What is this alphabet soup? What are these things, What is the difference between lossless and lossy compression? Whose loss is it?

Digital Source Material – CDs, DVDs, SACDs, DSS, Satellite Radio, MP3 Players? What are these? What are the differences in quality among these different mediums.

Resources – Cool links to audio and video-related resources, ranging from tools to music download sites.

Discussion Areas – Forums where you can exchange ideas and opinions about issues that have a major impact on the quality of your audio and video.

Digital Amplifiers and other hardware related issues.
Digital Compression and other software related issues.
Digital Source Material related issues.
General Discussion Area.
New Topics will be added as they become relevant.
Glossary – A glossary of relevant technical terms. Including hyper links to other interesting Audio and Video Glossaries that we have discovered on the Internet.

Audio Consumer Advocates
“All Digital is Not Created Equal.”
“Some Digital is Better than Others,” George Orwell’s “Digital Farm”
We are attempting to make it obvious to all that sonic and visual differences exist between pure digital audio and video systems and hybrid analog / digital systems. The thing that is most confusing to consumers is that both pure digital and hybrid analog / digital systems both usually label themselves “Digital”. We have developed a rating system as to the purity of the digital signal in order to try and untangle this mess. More…